Interested in an editor? I provide:

Substantial (or Line) Editing

The most extensive editing service, I will assess all aspects of your work, including grammar, story structure, characterization, and writing style. Substantial editing is the best of both worlds: big picture and attention to detail. I will challenge your manuscript, ask questions, and applaud what works well. I will provide real critique on how to refine your overall story and page-specific details.

Manuscript critique

More general than substantial editing, a manuscript critique will look at your work as a whole. Instead of page by page edits, I will provide a written report regarding my thoughts on plot, characters, style, themes,  strengths, and areas of overall improvement.

Copy Editing

Grammar, grammar, and more grammar. I will correct grammar mistakes and punctuation errors in your work. While I may point out confusing sentences or aspects, copy editing does not usually include comments on writing style or story development.

Developmental Editing

For works in progress, I’ll help move your project toward your goal. I’ll focus on plot, character, setting, themes, what works, and what doesn’t, helping your manuscript come to life.

Contact Me

To move forward, please contact me at  kaleighwalter2@gmail.com. Questions are welcome.


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